Saturday, February 7, 2009

first round of floorplans

well, we had our first meeting with studioMET regarding the schematics of the home and the floorplan to the right is the result of our initial meeting. [click on picture to enlarge] when we started the process with studioMET we gave them a list of things we wanted in the home. some were specific, and some were just a list of feelings we wanted to evoke when someone comes to and into the home. we plan on flipping the floorplan horizontally so that the "C" formation faces east or up on the floorplan above. other features we like are the study that can turn to a 4th bedroom b/c it has a closet and a connected bathroom. also, we totally dig the carport. just for reference, the space of the kitchen, dining and living room is approximately 22x40 feet. for those that have been to our townhouse, it is roughly the size of our second floor but 6 feet wider. also, notice that the living, dining room has a wall of windows...probably sliding glass doors since fold-away windows (like nana walls) would thoroughly break the budget.

below is the list we initially came up with for the architect, let me know your thoughts on whether you think the design embodies our list:
~mid-century inspired design

~1 story~2500-3000 s.f.

~indoor/outdoor feeling

~courtyard feeling

~home that runs the depth of the lot

~at least 3 bedroom

~at least 3 full baths

~possibly a study that could convert to room if needed

~possibly a small sitting area

~main living space (kitchen, dinning, living room connected) towards back of home so you don't walk right into the main area from the front door

~master bedroom towards back of home

~large kitchen space

~low-slung roof

~stone/cmu on the front elevation

~possibly 3 car garage, or 2 car garage with carport

~exposed beams