Friday, December 31, 2010

Finished, Complete, Whole. The End and Beginning...

CLICK ON ABOVE PHOTOS FOR GALLERY. Photos Courtesy of and Copyright by StudioMet.

it is the last day of december 2010. it has been quite the journey, buying the piece of land, knocking down the health hazard of a home, working with and designing the home, hiring a builder, making selections, watching and monitoring the build. the year went by fast. it was fun, frustrating and extremely fulfilling to put this house together. blogging was both therapeutic and also a good way to keep track of progress of a home. thanks to our architect StudioMet ( for designing a wonderful, efficient, nod to the mi-century modern past home. su nguyen and steve andrews really came through with a beautiful design. thanks to our builder fish & lyons ( ( for working with us and allowing us to enjoy the ride as well. we can't wait to work on project #2...coming soon. did someone say butterly roof?

finished custom millwork photos - stonewood studios

CLICK ON ABOVE PHOTOS FOR GALLERY. Above and linke photos courtesy of and Copyright by Stonewood Studio - Photos taken by Fulton Davenport

one of our favorite features of our home is all the custom millwork throughout the house. we chose a quartersawn walnut for all the millwork in the bathrooms and kitchen. finished with a light coat of poly. the natural grains of the walnut really shines through. the millwork was done by stonewood studios, aka sandy kay. sandy has done some amazing custom work for some of houston's most amazing modern homes - i'm a big fan, and was glad to have him work on our cabinets. the dovetail joints, attentional to detail, and use of blum drawer hardware and hafele tabs really set these cabinets above and beyond our expectations.