Saturday, February 13, 2010

oranger - primer?


Today the painter primed the majority of the soffit and facias on the home. additionally, he also primed the main structural beams on the home. having the same color on these areas has helped us see how the home will eventually longer the factory color of the panels. the roof is coming to a finish, the tpo guys were working hard again, hopefully we will have a few dry days for them to finish up. we need to decide on paint colors, hence the few sample colors. not easy to decide, but luckly, paint is always something that can be changed later so we will try not to lose too much sleep over it. something to not lose sleep over, is the interior fire spinkler system that is currently being installed. you will see orange piping through out our home right now. becuase the home is built so far deep into the lot, the fire code require sprinklers. this was an expense we did not originally budget, but in the short term, the cost will be recovered by the small discount in insurance, and of course, the peace of mind sure doesn't hurt.