Wednesday, April 21, 2010

millwork and break-ins

Finish work is happening inside the home. the trim and finish carpenters are working on the built-in shelving and closet casework. the carpenter is amazing, and is building and customizing all our closets. the study will have a wall of book shelves with built-in areas for stereo equipment and tv. the living room will have a floating walnut cabinet that is over 7' long. also, the laundry room lower and upper cabs and the secondary bedroom built-in dresser are looking amazing as well. with all the great progress, we had a brief set-back yesterday. we had some douche-bags break into the home and stole some plywood and materials. nothing worth too much, but they did destroy the framing of the doors, which need to be replaced. oh well, the driveway are awaiting some inspection before the pour, so it is just a holding pattern for now until it dries up (which won't happen until next week due to forecasted rain).....