Saturday, June 26, 2010

button it up

The finishes are starting to be installed. cabinet fronts, sinks, plumbing hardware, disposals, lights, etc. there are countless details yet to be filled in, so the list is long, but it is fun seeing every little thing being crossed off the list. at this stage you always start to wonder how all your selections will work. will it be cohesive, will it be an eclectic mix, or will it look like a mistake. we were going for a timeless modern. the mid-century design and architecture was the base we started with, and we have pulled a few things from that era directly and indirectly. obviously the large beams that run in to out and the George Nelson bubble lamp are all the direct take-offs from the past. the large courtyard home, open floor plan were things taken indirectly.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

hit the floor!

the estimate is 4 completion. it sure looks like it will take longer, but everyday something is changing. this past few days, the stonework has been getting a fresh layer of grout. wow, the slate, blue stone, carrara marble, and glass tiles look great when hit with a crisp grout line. i will get photos of these up soon. also this week, the sprinklers have been laid and awaiting inspection on Monday. additionally, the floor guys are back. did i mention that the air conditioner is working? not too soon. the floors required about a week to adjust to the cool a/c air, to ensure that the moisture content is low enough to sand and stain. we are hitting the floors with a dark ebony finish. almost black at low light levels. death star is the inspiration :) = just take a view of a star wars'll see. we hit the floor with some alcohol to pop the grains on the 5" solid northern white oak floors. with the first coat of stain, the floors already look amazing...with room to improve. of course, with all the stain and paint, the house is a deathtrap for the oxygen dependent. oh well...i guess it requires fewer brain cells anyways to be building a home in this economy. one thing to note as well, we had two agents stop by the home to get their input as to sale price, etc. we will touch base with them later, but their initial comments were highly favorable.