Friday, July 2, 2010

its all in the details

its in the small things, the details, that make something truly interesting. with this house, there are several things that are incorporated that have made this process a joy. in the photo above the interior fire sprinkler actually uses a real bell. in this modern age, who in the world uses a real bell instead of a digital horn? additionally, there are door stops, walnut cabinetry and plumbing hardware that all have their own features. as these things are installed, the home is slowly being put together. the weather has not been very cooperative. with so much rain, the exterior sod and landscaping have taken a back seat. instead, the finished cabinetry is going in the kitchen and bath. this quarter-sawn walnut looks amazing. anyone agree? carpet has been on the agenda, and it is not an easy choice. berber? frieze? loop? who knows!!! let the fun/confusion keep rolling!

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